Resellers, we can help you sell more!

If you're reselling our products on, we can offer support to make it easier for you to sell them! This case study demonstrates just one example of how we have worked with our customers in the past to help them sell more, and ultimately make them more money!

Case Study Information

  • Date: Jan 2018
  • Customer: Steel Tank Manufacturer


During an account management meeting, one of our longstanding tank manufacturer customers explained that some of their newer sales team members were struggling to get their head around fuel management systems. As they didn’t understand them as much as our other equipment they put on their fuel tanks, they hadn’t been selling as many as they wanted to.

Fuel management systems are installed on tanks to provide a fleet manager with more control over their fuel; from controlling who can use the pump to refill a vehicle, to monitoring who took what fuel and when. Due to the variety of features and software options available, they are more complex products, so our customer’s issue was understandable.

The Managing Director of the company said that if the sales team could explain in more detail to the end user the benefits and options in the range, there was a lot more revenue they could get by upselling the addition of a fuel management system to a tank.


Product training

As it had been identified that more knowledge on this product area could help our customer achieve more sales, we arranged for one of our technical team to provide some detailed, hands on training at the customer's premise with all of their sales team.

In the session they were shown our systems in real life, talked through the benefits to the user and were given a flowchart of questions to ask to determine the best system for the user’s needs.

In addition, we provided the customer with PDF datasheets on the systems branded with their logo. By attaching these to all tank quotations they send out, awareness and consequently sales is increased without incurring any marketing costs themselves.

When comparing 2017 (pre-training/literature) to 2018 (post-training/literature), we have seen a 65% increase in fuel management systems sold with this customer...Proof is in the pudding that we can help you sell!

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