Heating Oil Security Guide

Oil tank

As the price of fuel continues to climb, heating oil is becoming a potential target for fuel theft. Some of these criminals are sunning large scale operations that require planning and the pre-identification of targets, and some cases simply involve opportunistic thief. Either way, an unexpected loss of heating oil, particularly in the winter months, is problematic for a number of reasons.

A standard domestic oil tank could contain hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds worth of oil; therefore it makes good sense for oil tank owners to take reasonable measures to protect their oil tanks to deter would-be criminals. On top of this is the added inconvenience of having no heating, which can have devastating consequences for the more vulnerable people us such as the elderly.

For advice on how to protect your oil tank from fuel theft, please view our Domestic Heating Oil Security guide.

Diesel Fuel Security Guide


Criminals are on the lookout for storage yards or warehouses with poor surveillance, they’re looking for premises storing fleet vehicles which will give them opportunity to steal many parts at once.

Diesel thieves tend to target large fuel holdings, regardless of their location. Fuel thieves have been known to frequent petrol stations, transport yards, farms, construction sites, and fleet vehicle lock ups to find fuel that’s easy to steal. Commercial properties and premises such as farms and vehicle yards normally keep a significant amount of fuel in large tanks onsite. Sites like these can be easy targets for thieves as they are left unattended at night, or staff can forget to lock tanks at the end of the day.

If you regularly store a large amount of diesel fuel on your property or at your place of work then you or your employer are at high risk of diesel fuel theft.

For advice on how to protect your fuel from theft, please view our Diesel Fuel Security guide.