Trevor Celebrates 25 Years Working at CTS!

Fri, Nov 3, 2017

If you’re a customer of past or present, chances are you will have heard of or dealt with Trevor Banks from the technical sales department.

He’s well known within the fluid handling market and has some of the best knowledge and on hand experience in the industry. Yesterday Trevor celebrated his 25th year working at Centre Tank Services, so it was only natural that we threw him a bit of a celebratory shindig!

Trevor 25 work anniversary

Over the years Trevor has worked within many roles at CTS; he started with sweeping in the warehouse before going onto warehouse manager, he’s been an onsite engineer, experimented with invoicing and tried his hand at rudimentary marketing – but now he’s a senior member of the technical sales department, dealing with anything from setting up fuel management systems to developing new products.

As we all sat round the canteen munching on the celebratory buffet that the bosses had organised, Trevor detailed just how much things have changed at Centre Tank Services: “The first thing that stands out in my mind is that back when I started we only had one shipment a month of Piusi items and now we have two shipments every week – the company has grown exponentially”. Trevor went onto talk about the many faces he’s worked with at CTS and the amount of changes the industry has seen, resulting in his knowledge and skillset continuing to grow.

With his never ending list of skills and qualifications that he’s gained over the years, it’s no wonder that people have wanted Trevor to join their team and leave ours behind. Trevor today reinforced his passion and commitment to CTS by saying: “I’ve never been interested in leaving, I’ve always been happy here at CTS. I love my job and I love the people I work for, so it’s a no brainer for me. I hope to be here in another 25 years celebrating before I retire!”

So at 1pm on the 2nd November we all gathered in the canteen to celebrate Trevor’s time at CTS, with food, drinks, stories and laughter! Managing Director Matthew Terry and Technical Director Rob Terry congratulated Trevor and presented him with a silver pocket watch, thanking him for his contribution and dedication to Centre Tank Services these past 25 years.