The New UK Agent for GoldenRod Filters

Fri, Jun 12, 2020

We’ve added another market leading name to our distributorship belt, with leading brand GoldenRod filters.

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Yes, you heard it correctly, we at Centre Tank Services have added yet another reputable, quality, and well-known brand to our list of distributorships! So without further ado, we’re pleased to announce that we are now the new agent of GoldenRod fuel filters for the UK and Ireland.

GoldenRod filters are a brand by US-based Dutton-Lainson group, who are widely recognised in the fuel industry thanks to their amber coloured transparent bowl. This distinctive GoldenRod filter housing means you can see right in to view the flow of fuel and the collected contaminants which have been filtered out. Each filter also comes with a drain point, so you can easily release any free water and debris which has collected.

So here’s a bit of background about Dutton Lainson… they were established in 1886, they earned themselves three Army-Navy E pennants awards throughout both world wars, and have gone from a manufacturer of agricultural goods to a leading manufacturer of quality industrial products all over the world. Part of this quality product range is their market leading GoldenRod fuel tank filters – making them a perfect addition to our list of distributorships.

Goldenrod have been a leading filter brand for many years and with their ability to be used in low flow gravity fed installations, it has made them particularly popular in the agricultural market. Their range of filters, designed for the removal of either particles or water content from diesel, petrol, kerosene and biofuels, includes the 495 Fuel Tank Filter, 496 Water Block Filter and 497 BIO-FLO Filter.

Product info for our GoldenRod filter range

GoldenRod 495 Fuel Tank Filter

Benefitting from a paper element, this particle filter for diesel is used to filter out impurities on a diesel storage tank or in compatible pumping systems. The usual debris culprits found in fuel tanks would be grass, straw, hay and rubble.

GoldenRod 496 Water Block Fuel Tank Filter

This water block filter for diesel also benefits from a paper filter element but is instead used for filtering water out of the fuel in storage tanks and compatible pumping systems. And with water contamination being one of the largest causes of equipment damage due to the nasty sludge it creates, having one is vital to keep your system running smoothly.

GoldenRod 497 BIO-FLO Fuel Tank Filter

Similarly to the 495 and 496 GoldenRod fuel filters, this filter also has a paper cartridge element, but is instead designed for use with biodiesel up to B100 to filter out impurities on a fuel storage tank or pumping system.

GoldenRod 470-15/16 Mesh Filter

For use in place of or in conjunction with the standard paper cartridge, this stainless steel mesh strainer can be emptied and cleaned of debris as it collects impurities from the fuel. The higher micron rated cleanable and reusable mesh element can be used to filter any large debris out of the fuel, leaving the paper element to filter out the smaller particles. This ultimately extends the life of the paper filter, reducing the need for as regular replacements.

GoldenRod 491 Fuel Tank Filter Wrench

A specially designed tool for the easy removal and fitting of the GoldenRod filter housing. It has small grooves that fit over the notches on the bowls, limiting the risk of cracking or breaking the bowl when applying pressure during removal or replacement.

What you can expect from us as the new agent

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As the new UK agent and stockist of GoldenRod fuel filters, we have heavily invested in our stock levels to remain a reliable source to our network of distributors. Not only this, but special carton pricing is also available to the trade, allowing you to make savings on the price per element when you buy a box for your stock. Cartons include 12 replacement filter elements individually packed in a point of sale box, offering a ready to display or individually dispatch option.

For any resellers interested in including GoldenRod fuel tank filters in their product range, then please contact us for trade pricing. Any regular buyers of fuel tank bowl filters, whether it's GoldenRod or an alternative brand, please get in contact with information on volumes so that quantity based pricing can be provided.

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