The Growing CTS Tank Alarm Range

Wed, Feb 19, 2014

We have recently expanded our in-house designed tank alarm range to provide solutions for a range of different tank applications and meet all of our customer requirements.

New to the CTS Tank Alarm range is the Single Channel Tank Alarm. This fuel tank alarm is a cost effective alternative to our industry recognised Multi-Compartment Tank Alarm for applications where the alarm is required for just one function. Supplied as standard with a single probe, the single channel fuel tank alarm can be used to alert of either a high level, low level or bund leak depending upon the user’s desired warning.

Multi zone CTS alarm

For applications where any multi configuration is required, i.e. high/low/bund, low/bund, high/low etc, the CTS Multi-Compartment Tank Alarm is still the best solution. With this fuel tank alarm coming as the box only for complete flexibility, the user just needs to select the probes they require.

Whilst originally designed for the fuel market, the CTS tank level alarms are now suitable for use with a range of fluids within a variety of industries thanks to the new range of probes available:

  • Standard – Overfill, low level and bund leak probe for use primarily on a diesel storage tank
  • High viscosity –High and low level probe suitable for use with high viscosity fluids such as heavy fuel oils
  • Oil drum – Probe to indicate a high oil level in a drum e.g. in waste oil storage
  • Chemical and water – Polypropylene high and low level probe designed for water and chemical tanks