Lock Away Fill Points, Without Locking Away Level Readings!

Thu, August 31, 2017 - 1:52:00

CTS Fill Point Cabinet

Have you ever wondered how you’re meant to take tank level readings, if your fuel tank fill point cabinet is closed with the gauge locked inside? If not, you’re now probably asking yourself that exact question, and you’ll be wondering what the answer is too. But don’t worry just yet because the answer’s simple, and you can find out how in this article!

Locking away your tank’s fill point is an essential part of how to prevent your fuel from being stolen, yet so many of you are yet to do anything about it. Leaving a fill point exposed is crying out for somebody to notice, and when it’s noticed by the wrong person, chances are, they’re going to try and empty your tank. But with the help of a fill point cabinet, your tank will be secured – keeping your fuel out of reach from thieves.

Some of you are already in a position where your tank’s fill point is secured with a fuel fill point cabinet, job done right? Wrong! Your cabinet may prevent your fuel from being stolen, but you’re preventing yourself from taking level readings. So ask yourself this, ‘If the fill point cabinet is closed and my gauge is reading low, how will I know if my fuel is close to running out?’ Well unless you check, it’ll go undetected, and you’ll likely run out of fuel before you’ve even thought about checking – so this is where we come in!

Thanks to the savvy minded staff at Centre Tank Services, their recent introduction of a partial glass front cabinet means your fill point can be secured behind a lockable door, but your gauge and/or alarm is left visible for you to keep an eye on! But as well as giving you the luxury of both easy level readings and a secure fill point, the CTS Fill Point Cabinet boasts a number of other useful benefits:

• Pre-threaded mounting holes for easy installation of various industry known alarms & gauges.
• Drip tray c/w sight glass, which can be removed for cleaning even when the unit's locked.
• 2" fill point with ball valve to isolate the line, and NRV & cap to prevent dripping.
• Vents for constant airflow circulation, preventing a build-up of diesel vapours.
• Four cable gland cut outs for neatly fixing cables and gauge tubing to the unit.
• Painted sturdy steel cabinet with lockable door and wall brackets for mounting.

This in-house designed storage tank product stands out from other alternatives on the market because of its partial glass front, and can be purchased bare for you to fill with your own choice of gauge and/or alarm – but if needed, we can provide those items too!

With the official start of autumn looming – September 1st for meteorologists and September 21st for astronomers – before we know it the nights will be drawing in, giving thieves the opportunity to go out hunting for fuel without the risk of being seen or caught. So start planning now and save yourself the heartache, hassle and hefty replacement bills by securing your tank – buy the CTS Fuel Tank Fill Point Cabinet today!

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