Secure Your Fuel with SpinSecure Tank Lock: The Key to Protecting Your Investment

Thu, Nov 21, 2019

Domestic heating oil tanks and commercial diesel tanks are essential for some of you, whether it’s to heat your home or fuel your fleet – but owning a fuel tank also puts you at risk of fuel theft.

SpinSecure Tank Lock

Due to the increasing value of fuel, those who live in remote communities or leave their sites unoccupied overnight, increase their chances of having their fuel stolen – leaving them without fuel, a hefty cost to replace it and sometimes even the cost of repairing damage. Therefore, you owe it to yourselves to keep your tank properly secure, before it’s too late!

Available from CTS is the SpinSecure Tank Lock, the most secure oil tank lock on the market! A sophisticated, patented and unique fuel storage tank locking device, which fits onto a standard 2” fill point inlet on a diesel, oil or heating oil tank, to prevent siphoning.

So what makes the Tank Lock so secure?

No torque points

Traditional heating oil tank locks often come in two pieces and are secured via a low quality padlock, giving thieves’ the opportunity to remove, break or snap the lock, allowing access to the fuel or oil.

Whereas the Tank Lock is designed using patented SpinSecure technology, meaning that when locked, the cap will spin freely (similar to the child lock on a medicine bottle) and will only unlock when the designated key is inserted. The one piece design also means there are no torque points to force open the oil tank lock with a crow bar, meaning your tank contents is safe and secure.

And because the Tank Lock is so secure, it makes it almost impossible to remove, without the designated key – to the point where even you won’t be able to get if off without it!

What happens if you can’t get the Tank Lock off?

Tank lock help

It’s not uncommon for keys to get lost, or damaged over time, or maybe you haven’t accessed your tank in a while, and now you are having trouble opening the tank lock to refuel…

First and foremost, check that you have tried all the keys that came with your tank lock, and make sure that the key numbers match. Sometimes key errors can occur, or you may have the wrong key for your lock.

If your heating oil Tank Lock is stuck and won’t turn, it could be down to a dirty thread. Most tanks will have a galvanised bulk fill point and as time goes by, the coating of the fill point will break down, causing small amounts to get stuck around the thread of the tank lock, stopping it from turning. To get the lock open in order to clean it, put the lock into "open", with the key at the 6 'o' clock position and turn the Tank Lock with a pair of Stilsons - you will probably need to use a little force! Once removed, wire brush the fill point on the tank, clean down and apply copper grease. This should keep the thread in good order.

And if your Tank Lock still won’t open… you will need to drill the Tank Lock to remove it from the fitting. Using a drill and a 2mm drill bit, drill a hole in the ‘U’ of the SpinSecure logo on the Tank Lock. Then, leaving the drill bit in place, put the key in the 6 o’clock position and try again with the Stilsons. When the Tank Lock has been removed, please return it to the place of purchase so it can be replaced.

Looking how to secure your oil heating tank?

View our oil tank locker product to find the right solution for protecting your oil heating tank form thieves.