Recognising the Quality and Long Life Span of Piusi Pumps

Tue, Mar 14, 2017

Piusi are the original, quality, Italian manufacturer of fuel dispensing equipment and have been since 1953. They are known worldwide for their reliability and longevity and yesterday this was echoed by one of our customers who rang up to source a replacement

On Monday 13th March we received a phone call from somebody needing a replacement motor for their customer’s on site diesel pump. After reading out the code on the pump name plate we soon realised that it was a code representing an old Piusi pump that went out of production in 2000 and was superceded by the well-known Panther 56 – making the customer’s pump at least 17 years old, if not older! Until this week, the customer’s pump had been in good working condition since its installation many years ago.

Piusi Cube on a fuel tank

Over the last six decades, Piusi have built up their reputation to become the leading brand in the fuel transfer market and this is a perfect demonstration of the quality, Italian manufacturing of the long working life of the pumps they produce, without needing to replace them quickly.

With products including diesel transfer pumps, fuel flow meters and dispensing products, we are proud to be the UK’s only authorised Piusi importer. Here at Centre Tank Services we stock their industry renowned equipment, which has a longer life span than competing equipment – because we believe that you should never accept less than Piusi quality!