Piusi take action to combat AdBlue™ pump copies

Tue, May 20, 2014

Over the last few years the market has become flooded with copies of Piusi equipment, in particular the AdBlue™ membrane pump.

Piusi have spent a great level of R&D fine tuning their Suzzara Blue membrane pump that you see today, which has made it a specific target for Far-Eastern manufacturers to copy. Whilst these copies may look very similar, they are not associated with the reliability and long service life that Piusi products are renowned for.

In order to help distinguish the Piusi pump from a counterfeit, Piusi have devised a list of clear things that can be checked:

Fake Piusi Products
  1. Packaging – Most Piusi pumps are now packaged in a Piusi branded box complete with Piusi branded instruction manuals inside. For those products yet to have moved over to the branded boxes, a genuine Piusi production label will be on box with part code and technical description. Off the shelf copies from the Far East are likely to come in a plain cardboard box.
  2. Product label – On a Piusi pump you will always find a label detailing the product’s technical information, the Piusi logo and the product code.
  3. Product finish – As well as having an engraved Piusi logo in their body, genuine Piusi pumps have fine attention to detail including neat moulding and connecting parts.

    To ensure you are buying genuine Piusi parts, buy from an authorised Piusi distributor. You can view our entire range of Piusi pumps here.