Piusi Air Operated Oil Pumps - Product of the Month

Thu, Nov 3, 2016

‘Pro + Silent’ air operated oil pumps from Piusi, for high performance and durability – the fourth edition of our product of the month campaign.

For years Piusi have been the leading name in the fuel equipment sector and these air operated oil pumps are part of their growing offering to the oil and lubrication market, using their design and manufacturing experience to create these high quality oil and lubrication products.

Piusi Oil Pump

Leading the way in this range is the 3.5:1 air operated oil pump, a high performing pump with the following features:

  • Efficient double-acting operation – pumps oil as the pistons go up and down

  • Air chamber and piston made from high performance polymer

  • Incorporated double check valve to ensure that the pump never loses its prime

  • Lower operating noise of 77db thanks to the soundproof protective sleeve acting as a muffler

  • Uses air to move the pistons, rather than a spring – meaning less mechanical parts to wear/maintain

  • 3.5:1 compression ratio is 0.5 more than the industry standard

  • Reduced energy costs due to less inlet pressure required to get the same output

Versions available with 175mm suction pipe length and 940mm suction pipe length.

Other products available in the range include: 5.5:1 air operated oil pumps, 60:1 air operated grease pumps and complete air pump kits including nozzle meter, hose reel and trolley