Pick Crops Without Delay this Harvest: Stop Downtime with Spare Fuel Tank Filters

Tue, Aug 8, 2023

British farmers are busy all year round, with each season filled with important tasks to supply and feed the nation, from weaning calves in January, to livestock markets in July - and this time of year is no different.

Blocked Fuel Tank Filter

The end of August is the start of harvest time, as crops are ready to be picked for food and animal feed. This means that the reliance on large farm machinery like combine harvesters and tractors is huge, and any downtime can cost farmers greatly. So, now more than ever you need to be able to guarantee your fuel tank and its dispensing equipment is in order to get the combines out in the fields.

Fuel can become contaminated with dirt, dust, water, and debris at many stages of the fuel delivery and storage process, with even the smallest of particles or droplets leading to contamination. Dirt or debris particles within the fuel can ruin the pumping equipment being used by breaking the pump’s vanes, or it can damage the internals of the agricultural machinery being refuelled.

How can spare fuel tank filters make harvest time run more smoothly?

Each year we see similar instances of fuel storage tank filters blocking quickly when harvest demand hits, after periods of less fuel use! This means the combine cannot be refuelled and used straight away, which then delays the crop harvest.

Combine harvesters

A blocked fuel tank filter is not a bad thing, it means that it has done its job successfully. The fuel was contaminated, and the fuel tank filter has removed the debris from the fuel to keep the pump working and is now full.

However, a blocked fuel storage tank filter then needs to be replaced, as it cannot keep filtering debris once it is clogged with old bacteria and dirt. Replacing filters quickly will reduce downtime – taking the old blocked one off without replacing it will put dirty fuel back into the machinery. Stocking up and having spares for immediate replacement will make harvest time much more efficient.

Ready to get prepared with spare fuel tank filter elements?

Goldenrod 495 and 496 water block filter

If you want to make sure you avoid downtime, we have stock of the products you need to keep you fuel tanks clear and equipment running smoothly.

GoldenRod fuel filters remove particles or water content from diesel, petrol, kerosene, and biofuels primarily on fuel dispensing tanks. They have a low minimum flow capacity, which is ideal for use with gravity fed refuelling installations as well as pumping systems. This has made Goldenrod filters the leading filter brand within the agricultural industry. We are the official UK and Ireland agent for Goldenrod fuel filters, so we will not be beaten on price, and hold the largest stocks in the country of the 495 and 496 water block filter.

We also stock Cim-tek Fuel Tank Filters which are the choice of many UK plastic fuel tank manufacturers, as the filters remove water and particles up to 10 microns by trapping it in its resin coated pleated paper element. These fuel storage tank filters have a spin on cannister element, enabling the diesel filter element to be easily removed and replaced once it becomes full. The Cim-Tek fuel filter can be easily fitted to the suction or delivery of a pump installation on storage tanks for agricultural and plant machinery.

Having spare fuel tank filters on hand can save machinery downtime, ensure longevity of fuel equipment, and make harvest time as efficient as possible. Whether you need a carton of filters or a specific filter to siphon out certain particle sizes, we can help.

Get you spare fuel tank filter elements in time for harvest

if you want to make sure you avoid downtime, we have stock of the products you need to keep you fuel tanks clear and equipment running smoothly.