NEW - Piusi SB325 AdBlue® Nozzles c/w Breakaway Spout

Tue, Apr 1, 2014

Into stock this week fresh from the Piusi production line are the brand new SB325 automatic AdBlue® nozzles with breakaway spout.

This high spec AdBlue® nozzle has been introduced in conjunction with the soon to be released Piusi Elite THREE25 AdBlue® pump to provide the market with the latest innovation.

The breakaway spout mechanism means that in the event of the vehicle driving off without realising the nozzle is still in the vehicle’s fill point, the spout would break away from the nozzle body, thus leaving the rest of the nozzle undamaged. Replacement stainless steel spouts are available allowing for the quick repair of the AdBlue® nozzle without having to buy a whole new nozzle.

Two versions are available of the SB325; the standard model and a version with an integral K24 flow meter for measuring the quantity of AdBlue® dispensed. Thanks to their plastic body and stainless steel spout, the SB325 nozzles are lightweight and ergonomic whilst still being durable enough for all of the applications for which it is designed.

AdBlue nozzle