Introducing the new high capacity diesel hose reels

Tue, Feb 24, 2015

Here at CTS we have introduced three new diesel hose reels to our high capacity hose reel range – the 15m, 25m and 30m High Capacity Diesel Hose Reels.

Previously, customers who wanted a high capacity hose reel were buying the Gartec Heavy Duty Oil Hose Reel. This was because of the length of hose that came with it, it made refuelling a lot easier for vehicles that couldn’t normally gain immediate access to refuel. However, despite it being an excellent alternative, it was still an oil hose reel, which meant that it came with hard wall hose and conical fittings. This wasn’t ideal because these conical fittings meant that extra fittings had to be purchased in order to attach to a nozzle.

Diesel Hose Reels

Now, these new high capacity hose reels have been specifically designed for use with diesel and come with BSP fittings in order to easily connect to refuelling nozzles. Furthermore, a single or double spring is included for rewinding the hose and the hose can be locked to a desired length via the automatic system.

These hose reels have been introduced in order to make refuelling easier for certain industries, as mentioned previously. For example, refuelling on construction, plant and quarry sites can be difficult as vehicles can’t always gain access to the fuelling station – and the same goes for boats that need refuelling at marinas. Therefore, with these high capacity diesel hose reels, refuelling at these specific sites will now be much easier and hassle free.