Introducing the new 90lpm pump & dispensing unit from Piusi

Thu, Apr 7, 2016

Here at CTS we have added two new 90lpm pumping products to our range; the Panther 90 and the Cube 90.

The Panther 90 electric diesel transfer pump from Piusi is the new addition to their market renowned Panther pump range, and has been designed to have a 90lpm dispensing rate. This reliable, quality and versatile fuel transfer pump is compact and easy to install, and is manufactured to the same high standard known of the existing panther models. This self-priming diesel pump is designed for faster filling of larger vehicles and ideal for static fuel storage tank systems.

Cube 90 and Panther 90

The Cube 90 is the third addition to Piusi’s market renowned Cube range and was developed by Piusi to incorporate a higher flow rate system into their series of fuel dispensing units. This electric diesel transfer pump contains the Panther 90 and is virtually the same as the other Cube dispensing units, aside from the new higher flow rate of 90lpm. Designed for non-commercial use and manufactured to the same high standards as the other Cube models, the Cube 90 includes a K44 flow meter rather than the usual K33 – this has been changed in order to cope with the higher flow, as it’s likely that four digit fuel amounts will be dispensed in a single transaction. This all-encompassing fuel dispenser also comes with an Auto 120 nozzle to assist with dispensing at a faster rate.

Both the Panther 90 and the Cube 90 have been added to our product range to offer higher flow alternatives for refuelling larger vehicles such as plant and agricultural machinery.

Please note: both the Panther 90 and Cube 90 have a 30 minute on, 30 minute off duty cycle.