Breaking News: We’re opening a division in the Middle East with Gurdeep moving to Saudi Arabia

Wed, Dec 20, 2023

With over 35 years in the fluid handling market, we have made a name for ourselves as the UK’s leading supplier of fuel equipment. But with firm roots in Britain and a growing group, we have now set our sights on the overseas market, with a new division in Saudi Arabia.

Gurdeep Lakhanpal

After having some great successes in the Middle East following the ADIPEC exhibition and visits to the region, we followed up with targeted campaigns to our contacts and grew our clientele. However, being based in a different country meant that some elements of being a fully functioning business in the area weren’t always possible.

We spotted a window of opportunity to open a division in Saudi Arabia and so our Sales Manager Gurdeep Lakhanpal will be moving out there. By having an employee down on the ground in the Middle East, it allows us to start exploring the possibilities the region holds in more depth.

Talking about the news, Managing Director Matthew Terry said:

Expanding into a growing market where we have already seen some success is a great next step. But investing in a colleague and friend who has been instrumental in the 9+ years he has worked here, takes us into a whole new chapter.

Matthew Terry

Managing Director, The CTS Group

Gurdeep has been instrumental to the growth of the business since he started in 2014, where he started out in the technical department. Fast forward four years and he took over as Sales Manager, growing relationships with customers by having a technical understanding of individual requirements and providing product training with a two-pronged technical sales approach.

His move to the Middle East is both exciting from a personal level and for the business. Gurdeep said:

This is a huge move for me and my wife. The thought of being so far from family and friends, the life we have known, can be daunting for some. But we are embracing this massive adventure and looking forward to laying down new roots. As we step into this new chapter as a business, I am confident that my expertise will play a pivotal role in driving the success of our endeavours in the dynamic and promising Gulf market. Our expansion is not just about reaching new horizons but about seizing the immense potential for growth and innovation in the vibrant markets of the entire GCC.

Gurdeep Lakhanpal

Sales Manager, Centre Tank Services

Saudi Arabia

Whilst a new division in the region is undoubtedly exciting for us and the customers we already have in the Middle East, Matthew explains that this won’t change our priorities here in the UK. He said: “After seeing many positive changes and successes in my 25 years at CTS, this must be up there with the most exciting. Expanding into a growing market where we have already seen some success is a great next step. There is always a risk in expansion, but if we can focus on the business values we have built up over the years here in the UK, it gives us a good foundation. However, this does in no way change our focus and priority on our UK customers who we will continue to strive and be a valued supplier ongoing.”

Gurdeep is due to move to Saudi Arabia in January and will be stationed in the capital, Riyadh. We look forward to updating you further in the first quarter of 2024.