Get Ready For Winter: Make Sure Your Customers Have the Best Oil Heating Equipment

Wed, Oct 28, 2020

With the weather getting colder and the clock going back, winter will be here before we know it.

Oil heating tank winter

And this always means only one thing in our industry - getting ready for the oil heating season.

The colder weather and darker nights are usually the first indication for homeowners in rural areas to start preparing their oil heating tanks for winter. This year to urge them to act action, UKIFDA has launched a campaign aiming to encourage 1.5m UK heating oil customers to 'Get Winter Ready'. This means homeowners will soon start ordering fuel to top up their oil heating tank, scheduling an oil tank service and checking that their oil tank equipment which they may have neglected over the summer months is still in working order.

Get ready for the winter checklist.

We know how busy you are during the winter season and for that reason, we have prepared an easy oil tank owner checklist that you as an oil tank engineer or fuel supplier, can download, print and give away to your customers. From urging them to get their fuel order in, to getting them thinking about required maintenance to their tank, this checklist can help guide your customers to getting winter ready and encourage them to make contact with you for the services and products you offer before the depth of winter hits!

You’ll know better than anyone that as it gets later into the year, your customers expect you to react even more quickly to their requests. So have you made sure that you’ve stocked up on all essential products that they may need?

What oil heating equipment do you need to stock up on?

As our customers in the oil heating industry are heading into a peak season, we have shortlisted essential heating oil tank accessories that you may start getting asked for. The products that we have selected are one of the most popular among our oil heating engineer and fuel supplier customer base, and their customers who are getting winter-ready.

Heating oil products
  • MT Profil Heating Oil Tank Gauge - One of the most widely installed types of oil heating tank gauge thanks to their simplicity and cost effectiveness.
  • Apollo Ultrasonic Heating Oil Tank Gauge - The perfect option to upgrade your customers’ more basic gauge and give them the ability to read their tank level in the convenience of their home!
  • Oil Tank Sight Level Gauges – Although, many homeowners are opting for more modern gauging methods, we know that you often get asked to replace your customers traditional sight gauge with a like for like solution
  • Heating Oil Meters – If after many years of good service your customers’ oil heating meter needs replacing, we offer a range of types depending upon your customer's installation that we can send to you with next day delivery.
  • Spinsecure Oil Tank Lock - The most secure oil tank lock on the market! You know that with the winter coming the cases of fuel theft always increase, so help your customer secure their tank to stop the opportunist thief from easily siphoning!
  • Heldite Joining Compound and PTFE Tape – A tool box “must have” when servicing any pipework or valves on your customers’ tanks.
  • CTS Ultra Compact Oil Tank Filter Kit - The kit can be easily installed and make your future service job easier by saving you time of draining the fuel from the tank when you need to replace the filter valve and then pumping it back in. Also, both the filter kit and the valve alone can be retrofitted during service or at the time of the original tank installation.
  • Alloy bowl filter – If during a tank service you find your customer’s filter has done in its job and needs replacing, then make sure you have one in the van to change there and then!

How can we support you?

We understand that the winter season can put pressure on oil heating suppliers and engineers, and we are always ready to provide extra support to our customers. As you start receiving numerous enquiries of homeowners requesting fast service, we are here to help you.

We can offer you a superior before and after technical support and quick and reliable service. As we have large stockholding almost all our products are ready to be dispatch with next day delivery ensuring that you meet your customer requirements. Also, we can provide technical support on your behalf, which mean that you can quickly react to urgent customer enquiries and take the credit.

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