Is Your Boat Protected from Diesel's Worst Enemy, Water?

Are you taking a risk when it comes to water in your fuel?

Despite all the time a boat spends in an aqueous environment, boat engines are not designed to handle water content. When water enters the fuel tank either through condensation or ingress from a crack in the fill cap, it leaves the fuel susceptible to nasty diesel bug sludge forming, especially when the boat is put away for periods of time like in winter. As well as blocking filters, pumps and injectors, fuel contaminated with water can cause loss of engine power, struggling to get the boat up to speed, expensive fuel system corrosion and poor fuel economy. All of which result in £0000s worth of repairs and your boat not performing as it should. Can you take the risk of not dealing with your diesel's worst enemy?

Water in Fuel Problems 1
Water in Fuel Problems 2

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Whether you’ve already experienced water in your boat fuel tank symptoms, or want to prevent the inevitable whilst your boat is stored away for winter, the Aquafighter water absorber can help you in removing water from your boat’s fuel tank!