Aquafighter: The COMPLETE Solution to Water in Agricultural Fuel

Ready to save money on costly machinery repairs and downtime?

Most farmers will remember the fuel problems of 2019, when filters kept blocking with nasty sludge, stopping fuel dispensing and causing downtime to your farming activities. Water contamination causes:

Water in fuel problems

But did you know that water in fuel manifests differently, and most "water removal" products only deal with part of your problem? That is until now….

How You Can Benefit from Aquafighter

Aquafighter is available in sizes for tackling the problem both in your bulk fuel storage tank or directly in your machinery tanks in the seasons they are not being used.

Take control of water in your fuel today!

Save on costly downtime with Aquafighter, like our agriculture merchant customer.

Read our case study and learn more about how they help their customer remove water contamination and prevent any related issues.