Is Your Machinery Protected from Diesel's Worst Enemy, Diesel Bug?

Are you taking a risk when it comes to your fuel?

Were you affected by the widespread agricultural diesel issues of 2019/2020? At this time there was an increase in reports of a nasty brown sludge blocking fuel tank filters, preventing refuelling and causing time missed out in the field. This is diesel bug; one of the key symptoms of water contamination in today's biodiesel being left undealt with. As well as blocking filters, pumps and injectors with this sludge, fuel contaminated with water can cause loss of engine power, expensive fuel system corrosion and poor fuel economy. All of which result in £0000s worth of machinery repairs and downtime to farming activities. Can you take the risk of not dealing with your diesel's worst enemy?

Water in Fuel Problems 1
Water in Fuel Problems 2

Protect your machinery for less than £42 ex VAT!

Whether you have a piece of machinery sitting with fuel in the tank until next season or a bulk storage tank, there’s an Aquafighter to keep your diesel entirely water-free and clear of diesel bug, and your machinery safe from £0000s of damage!