Suzzara Blue vs Suzzara Blue 3: What’s Improved in the New IBC AdBlue Pump Kits?

Tue, Mar 23, 2021

The Suzzara Blue IBC AdBlue Pump Kits have been a leading, ready to dispense solution in the market since 2006.

AdBlue pump kits

As the AdBlue IBC market grew, so did the competition, with many Chinese manufacturers producing replica models of the industry renown Piusi AdBlue pumps. Whilst Piusi have relied on their quality, Italian manufacturing to continue leading the way, they have now decided to redesign their AdBlue IBC pump kits to provide additional benefits that help further distinguish themselves from other offerings on the market. This is where the traditional Suzzara Blue becomes the new and improved Suzzara Blue 3 range.

So at this point, you are probably wondering what changes Piusi have made to their kits and how different the new versions is from the original models? This article will explain just that, whilst showing you how much superior the new Piusi Suzzara Blue 3 Basic and Pro IBC AdBlue pump kits are.

So, what's changed in the new and improved design?

Whilst the actual components remain as the familiar Piusi equipment we all know and love, a new vision, new features and a more robust design are just a few of the changes made to the traditional Piusi Suzzara Blue Basic and Pro pump kits. But what’s the best thing? These additions come at NO EXTRA COST. So here are the new features that come with the redesigned Suzzara Blue 3 Pro and Basic IBC AdBlue pump kits that you’re essentially getting for FREE!

Robust and sturdy roll bar enclosure

Suzzara Blue 3 Piusi AdBlue pump

The new Suzzara Blue 3 Piusi AdBlue pump solution is different from competing products on the market thanks to its robust and sturdy roll bar enclosure. The traditional Suzzara Blue AdBlue IBC pump kit had the equipment simply was plated to the kit, now thanks to its shock-resistant technopolymer roll bar around the plate, the equipment inside is protected from potentially damaging accidental impact.

Locking bracket for sturdy IBC connection

Locking bracket system

Like the previous Suzzara Blue pump kit, the new updated Suzzara 3 AdBlue IBC pumps can be easily mounted and moved between IBCs. However, with the new and improved version comes a locking bracket for a sturdy connection to the IBC bar. This feature ensures that the IBC AdBlue pump kit cannot be easily pulled off and damaged in the event of the driver pulling on the hose with force or knocking the kit accidentally.

Large practical hose holder

Hose holder

This feature makes the newly updated Suzzara 3 IBC AdBlue pump kit feel more premium than the previous Piusi model. The integrated large practical hose holder allows the customer to roll the hose securely around the kit, keeping it neatly into place, rather than it being potentially left to drag along the floor and being stood on or driven over.

Nozzle holster with removable drip cup

Nozzle holster

Many will know how when AdBlue comes into contact with air, it crystalises, making any drips from the nozzle into the holster a struggle to clean. Accounting for this issue, the newly redesigned Suzzara Blue 3 Basic and Pro AdBlue IBC pump kits solve this problem with the nozzle holster having a removable drip cup for easy cleaning.

The AdBlue pump components you know and love are here to stay!

Although Piusi have redesigned their IBC AdBlue pump kits, the actual dispensing components we all know and love remain the same. As before, the new Suzzara Blue 3 kits are still available in Basic and Pro versions, both supplied with Piusi AdBlue pump, delivery and suction hose and IBC connector, the Basic with a choice of a manual or automatic nozzle, and the Pro with Pius K24 flow meter and automatic nozzle as standard.

Piusi will still supply the Elite Three 25 pump kit, which is essentially the Pro with a 200-micron long-life filter, but for consistency will now be sold under the name -Suzzara Blue 3 Pure Pro IBC AdBlue pump kit.

Suzzara Blue pump kits

So there you have it. A summary of the new IBC AdBlue pump kits that the Italian manufacturer, Piusi, introduces to the market. It is great to see Piusi redesign and develop this product range to provide additional features and differentiate their AdBlue dispensing equipment, offering at no additional cost for the customer.

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