Why You Shouldn’t Accept Anything Less than Piusi!

Mon, October 09, 2017 - 11:00:00

If you deal with refuelling equipment you will have heard of Piusi as the leading manufacturer of diesel, oil and AdBlue handling products. It’s no surprise that because of this, their most popular products such as the battery kit, Panther pumps, K33 and K24 flow meters are being copied and sold cheaply – meaning lower quality and less reliability. So what’s made them the benchmark in the market for transfer pumps, meters and nozzles?

Well firstly, Piusi have been designing and manufacturing fluid handling equipment for over 60 years! They were established back in 1953 and have grown to become a longstanding and trusted supplier within the industry. You can therefore be confident in your purchase, knowing there will be less downtime, lower maintenance costs, less complaints, replacements and returns!

As a quality supplier with a reputation to uphold, having large and modern facilities is a must – their 25,000m2 manufacturing facility with automated warehouse and 155 assembly staff members enables them to accomplish large scale productions with ease; meaning good lead times to get your products to you quickly!

The Ferrari of fluid handling equipment...

Being Italian, it’s only natural that Piusi follow suit with the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Armani and Gucci – all of which are quality, reliable and world renowned brands. Similarly, Piusi design and manufacture their products in Italy so that you can be confident in reliability, safety and long service life. Additionally, Piusi has ISO 9001 quality certified production lines and processes, a 100% performance testing regime before products complete the production process, and full traceability of components and supply chain via an advanced ERP system – Impressive right?!

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, Piusi pay even the greatest attention to the finer details by putting their products in colourful illustrated packaging and offer all the after-sale information you could possibly need – something that no doubt will impress your customers, because we all like things that catch the eye, and something as visually stimulating as Piusi products are hard to say no to!

These are some of the main reasons why Piusi excel over competitor brands, but their popularity and continued success is helped along by their original design and innovation thought up by 15 design engineers that are responsible for new product innovations and improvements to existing models, continuously striving to give you the best.

So just to recap, the reason why Piusi are the benchmark in the market for transfer pumps, meters and nozzles is down to a combination of careful design, continuous investment in production processes, and research and development! So much so that Piusi products are being widely copied by less established manufacturers, often in the Far East, that do not offer the same level of reliability and safety. Don’t make the mistake of spending a little less and needing a replacement before you have chance to blink… go straight to Piusi and be reassured that what you’re buying is Original. Quality. Italian Made.


Why choose Piusi?

Centre Tank Services are the UK's official distributor of Piusi - the leading manufacturer of diesel, oil and AdBlue handling products. In this flyer we summarise why Piusi should always be your first choice, especially over cheap replica models that have appeared on the market. Click below to find out what sets Piusi apart from other manufacturers, and why they are the benchmark for transfer pumps, meters and nozzles.

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