Something to keep the little ones occupied whilst we work from home

Tue, April 14, 2020 - 2:21:00

Despite the unprecedented and difficult times the UK and the rest of the world are currently facing during the Coronavirus pandemic, the office staff at CTS are now into their fourth week of working from home, with the company open for business and the warehouse still fully operational and dispatching orders – albeit with the 2 meter safe distance measure in place.

Since lockdown was announced, the past few weeks have sadly seen businesses close and industries come to a complete halt, however for our industry, supply of fuel remains as critical as ever –

• For generators to provide emergency power to hospitals, labs and data centres…
• For famers to run their tractors and machinery so that they can continue to feed us…
• For delivery companies to transport essentials to supermarkets and medical centres…
• And to enable our key workers, such as front-line NHS staff, to get to work every day!

It is for these reasons that CTS remains open (just in a working from home capacity) continuing to supply reliable and quality performing fuel equipment to an industry which needs it now more than ever!

For those of you who also find yourselves working from home, at your dining table desks and in your makeshift offices, we understand just how difficult it can be to work at home whilst occupying your little ones too. So we thought we’d lend a helping hand to staff, customers and suppliers by putting together a fun fuelled activity pack (pardon the pun) – something to keep the children busy whilst you get down to business.

Edition 1 of the activity pack contains a selection of mazes, word puzzles and colouring – featuring some critical consumers of fuel to help them understand the importance of the fuel industry and why you’re still working! And as the end of the UK’s lockdown isn’t yet in sight, we’d like to make this a weekly activity pack, so any suggestions for future features such as puzzles, word games and colouring are more than welcome… and we’ll try get them in the next edition!

Email your suggestions to, or visit our LinkedIn or Twitter and send us a message!



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