5 Comparisons That Prove How Premium The Piusi AdBlue Hand Pump Is

Fri, Jun 5, 2020

For remote or “in the field” dispensing where there is no access to mains power, or simply where the volume being transferred is too little to warrant a more expensive electric pump, AdBlue hand pumps are often the solution.

Hand Pump

Despite the increasing use of AdBlue meaning that more companies are turning to bulk tanks with electric AdBlue pumping solutions, our sales are proof that cost effective, manual options are still widely sold all over the country! The off-road market including the agricultural industry often make use of both solutions; a larger volume storage tank back at the yard, with a portable drum load of AdBlue they can transport to the field for manual onsite refuelling.

As one of the original manufacturers of pumps for AdBlue, Piusi have been manufacturing and supplying AdBlue pumps since AdBlue was first introduced in 2005. But until recent years, their range consisted primarily of electric models. Hand pumps are traditionally thought of as easily replaceable dispensing solution due to their price. However, with the AdBlue market still relying on them a lot, Piusi decided to use their knowledge of the AdBlue market and their design experience to manufacture a high quality, hand operated AdBlue pump to overcome the sterotype of the hand pump.

Just like an Audi A5 and a Ford Fiesta, both the premium Piusi option and the market standard manual AdBlue pumps have their place in the market. Many users, specifically those that need to dispense very small volumes on an ad hoc basis, opt for the cheap and cheerful model. However, as the more sophisticated, durable Piusi AdBlue Hand Pump is still very economical relative to electric AdBlue pumps, this is increasingly becoming the preferred choice. But it’s just a hand pump right? What could be so good about it?

What makes the Piusi AdBlue Hand Pump premium?

What makes the Piusi AdBlue Hand Pump premium?

We get it. Initially you think, if I’m not investing in an electric pump then I might as well go as cheap as I can. However, when you see the Piusi option, turn the handle and use it for a period like we have, you can see AND feel the difference. It’s why many of our largest resellers and OEM tank manufacturers now opt for it as their manual offering. To help highlight the benefits of the Piusi rotary AdBlue pump, it’s important to make some comparisons between this and the traditional model we offer.

  1. Flow Rate – Of course the downside of a manual AdBlue pump compared to an electric pump is that it requires the user to do the work rather than a motor! If you are opting for a hand pump, the less work you have to do the better which is where the flow rate comes in. With the Piusi AdBlue hand pump, you can get dispense an extra 8 litres per 100 revolutions than with the standard model, meaning it takes you less time and effort to fill the same size vehicle tank.
  2. Pump Body – One of Piusi’s key objectives when designing their hand pump was to ensure it was more durable and had a longer life span. For this reason they manufactured the external pump casing in Stainless Steel as opposed to plastic for a more robust finish. Near empty drums can be very lightweight and can easily be knocked over causing damage to the pump if left connected, which from our experience… they often are!
  3. Handle – Rather than a hard plastic handle, Piusi’s AdBlue hand pump has a rolling handle grip for a smoother operation for the user’s comfort. It’s these little things that can really make the difference.
  4. Spout – Both types of manual AdBlue pump are available with or without hose and spout as ready to dispense solutions. The difference between the two is the nature of the spout. Whilst the standard version has a plastic spout, the Piusi model has a stainless steel spout complete with a spout stopper to replace after dispensing. This is added to prevent the build up of crystallisation that AdBlue is susceptible to, that could enter the vehicle next time refilling occurs.
  5. Drum Connector – Another more advanced feature that the Piusi AdBlue hand pump has over other models is its grooved locking mechanism on the bottom of the pump and it’s drum connector. This provides a tight fit preventing the pump from spinning on the drum whilst in use; a common issue with cheaper adblue rotary drum pumps that can result in it coming loose and leaking.

So there you have it – a comparison between the Piusi AdBlue Hand Pump and the more economical market standard option. It’s not just lifespan, it’s user comfort, it’s a cleaner and quicker operation. There will always be a demand for both amongst users, but hopefully what this article does is explain what more you can get if you have the budget available to opt for the premium solution.

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