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Piusi B.SMART Fuel Management System

If you're a fleet manager you will likely already know how fuel management systems can save you money and hassle. What the Piusi B.SMART as a cloud-based fuel management system allows you to do, are all of these, but in REAL time and remotely, meaning that you can manage dispensers across unlimited geographical sites wherever you are, in one online portal. And the best thing of all?... Unlike most other online based fuel monitoring systems there are no monthly or annual hosting fees which can save you significant costs over the lifetime of the system!

  1. Prevent theft of fuel from unauthorised users by restricting access to the pump
  2. Identify anomalies in driver or vehicle fuel usage e.g. two fill ups in one day
  3. Allocate fuel costs to the site/company/contract/job of that driver or vehicle


Video: Watch how the B.SMART manages fuel remotely, in real time

B.SMART Fuel Management Video

As a cloud based fuel management system, the B.SMART uses the app on driver’s IOS or Android phone to enable dispensing and its network to send the data to the cloud. You can set up which drivers are authorised to dispense fuel, and view vehicle refuelling transactions from multiple pumps across multiple sites. This data can be viewed remotely online in a single web portal from any PC, tablet or smart phone with internet access, to save compiling separate reports or visiting all of the sites. Read our article for more information on how the B.SMART differs to traditional Piusi Fuel Management Systems.

So, why choose the B.SMART online fuel management system?


Ideal for any size fleet – You can monitor any number of fuel dispensers across multiple geographical locations in a single portal, to allow even the largest of companies to track, view and compare all subsidiary sites’ fuel use.

Have access to real-time data – Once refuelling is completed, transaction data e.g. user, date, time, vehicle, dispenser, site and quantity is sent straight to the cloud to enable the real time monitoring of fuel use.*

Monitor fuel use wherever you are - You can remotely access data and reports via the cloud-based web portal from any PC, tablet or smart phone, to save having to go to each site to obtain the information.


Control who can use the fuel - Manager can remotely enable/disable driver access to the pump to control who is able to dispense fuel, preventing unauthorised users from being able to pull up and fill their vehicle.

No software installation required – As an online fuel management system, all you need is a log in to the web page! There are no network cables and there is nothing to reinstall when a PC is replaced or updated.

No ongoing fees – Unlike other cloud-based fuel management systems, there are no monthly or annual hosting or subscription fees to budget for. Simply pay for the system and then it’s yours!

Recognised hardware - The B.SMART fuel management systems utilise the industry known, Italian quality Piusi dispensers that are simple and easy for the driver to use.


*Real time only in areas where Wi-Fi or mobile network is available. Otherwise, data will be synchronised when network becomes accessible.

The Piusi B.SMART cloud fuel monitoring systems

Depending upon the site preference there are 3 types of Piusi B.SMART fleet fuel monitoring systems to select from for your fleet. All are supplied as standard with licences for 10 or 20 drivers, with additional add on licences available should you have more drivers that need to access the fuel. With every system comes access to the online, cloud-based B.SMART fuel management software for you as the fleet manager to log in and see who's been refilling what vehicle on which site with how much fuel on what date!

Piusi Cube MC B.SMART


Cube MC - For diesel

A compact fuel management system with integrated pump, automatic nozzle, delivery hose and meter for a complete diesel dispensing solution. Available in 70lpm and 90lpm versions depending upon the preferred flow rate.

View here »

MC Box - For diesel and AdBlue

A cost-effective fuel management panel to be retrofitted to existing dispensing systems that don’t need replacing, if or where it is preferable to have the pumps and the control panel sited away from one another. PLUS the new 2 pump MC Box that enables a single unit to monitor two pumps on two tanks e.g an AdBlue and a diesel!

View here »
Piusi Self Service BSMART

Self Service - For diesel and AdBlue

A freestanding management system with versions for both diesel and AdBlue. Comes with integrated pump, automatic nozzle, delivery hose, meter and filter for a complete dispensing and monitoring solution. 

View here »




How the B.SMART online fuel management software works

For both the driver AND manager, it couldn’t be simpler…

Once the driver has downloaded the B.SMART app on their iOS or Android device, the manager can enable them access via the web portal. From then on, whenever the need to refuel, the driver opens the app, selects a fuel dispenser and vehicle they want to refill, adds the mileage and activates the pump to fill or dispense a pre-set quantity via Bluetooth. Once refuelling is complete, a receipt is visible on the drivers phone and the data is send via Wi-Fi or mobile network to the cloud for the manager to view online in real time on their PC, tablet or smart phone wherever they are!

B.SMART How it works

We'd love to offer you a no-obligation quotation if you have a fleet that you want more control over in terms of their fuel usage. In the meantime, the complete range of Piusi B.SMART fuel management systems are available to view here.


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