What makes the Piusi air operated oil pumps superior?

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The leading name in the fuel equipment sector have used their design and manufacturing experience to create a complete range of oil and lubrication equipment, whilst maintaining the same level of quality that the Piusi diesel and AdBlue™ range has become world renown for. Leading the way is the “Pro + Silent” air operated oil pump; a high performing pump with specially considered features.

Key design benefits:

1.  It’s double acting operation is more efficient as it pumps oil as the pistons go up and down, whereas single acting models only pump on the way up. As well as increased efficiency, this also causes less pulsations in the oil as the flow is continuous, resulting in less stress on the installation pipework.

2.  Most alternatives have a spring that helps to move the pistons, whereas this air oil pump solely uses air to move them up and down. The spring is often subject to corrosion from the water particles in the compressed air, and therefore the Piusi models have less mechanical parts to wear/maintain.

3.  The compression ratio is 0.5 more than the industry standards of 3:1 or 5:1 air driven oil pumps. This means that to get the same output, less inlet pressure is required and consequently reduced energy costs.

4.  The air chamber and pistons are made from a high performance polymer as opposed to aluminium. This makes the internals of the Piusi air operated oil pumps less subject to oxidisation caused when aluminium comes into contact with moisture in the compressed air.

5.  It has a lower operating noise of 77db thanks to the soundproof protective sleeve acting as a muffler. Also, as the pump doesn’t use a spring to move the pistons, there isn’t any hammering noise from it slamming the pistons down.

6.  There is an incorporated double check valve to ensure that the air operated oil pump never loses it prime.

7.  The reset button to recirculate the air if the pistons ever jam is external, making it simple and quick to get the pump going again, rather than having to open it up.

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