Plastic PRV Tank Vent Valve

2” M BSP

Plastic PRV Tank Vent Valve


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Usage type

Diesel, Petrol,

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About the product

The Plastic PRV Tank Vent Valve is a poppet type valve designed to stop fuel vapours from escaping under usual operating conditions. This plastic constructed of pressure vacuum vent valve is used on static and mobile fuel storage tanks, and comes with a sealing ‘o’ring and metal stem.

Features of the Plastic Pressure Vacuum Vent Valve:

  • 2” M BSP pressure vacuum relief valve
  • Integrated poppet type valve
  • Plastic body with metal stem
  • Sealing ‘o’ ring
  • For diesel applications

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
(ex. VAT)
MF6154 Plastic Pressure Vacuum Vent Valve 2” M BSP
Opening Pressure (to tank) – 17mb
Opening Pressure (to atmosphere) – 137mb
Plastic construction

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