Piusi Shark Submersible Electric AdBlue™ Pump

35ltr Per Min (230v)

Piusi Shark Submersible Adblue Pump



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About the product

The Piusi Shark (SQUALO35) AdBlue pump is the first submersible pump specifically designed for dispensing AdBlue™ from an AdBlue™ tank, rather than for water transfer. Firstly, it's 35lpm flow rate is the proven speed in the market for refilling vehicles and off road machinery with AdBlue, due to the smaller tank size than diesel. Thanks to its integrated bypass valve, this submersible AdBlue pump can be used with a nozzle without the added cost of buying a pressure relief valve. In addition, this Piusi pump is supplied with a 11 minute timer, to prevent the pump from dry running damage in the event of the user forgetting to turn it off when they have finished dispensing. 

Reduced overall dimensions guarantee easy installation of this compact electric AdBlue™ pump, ideal for when there isn't room for a pump in the tank cabinet. The low 30mm suction level of the Shark offers almost complete emptying of the tank, exceeding that of alternative submersible AdBlue Pump models, and has a strainer to remove any debris that may have entered and sank to the bottom of the tank to prevent it from entering the pump or the vehicle SCR system. Thanks to it being a regenerative turbine pump, it benefits from pressure building capabilities ten or more times that of a centrifugal pump with the same impeller diameter and speed. The Piusi Shark also has a built-in pressure regulator that optimises flow rate to reduce unnecessary energy consumption, saving the user on energy costs.


Features of the Submersible Electric AdBlue™ Pump:

  • Piusi Submersible AdBlue™ Pump
  • c/w 5m power cable
  • Integrated bypass valve for nozzle use
  • Low 30mm suction level
  • NBR shaft seal
  • Integrated pressure regulator & check valve
  • Mesh strainer to filter debris
  • Comes with 11 minutes timer
  • Flow rate: 35ltr Per Min
  • Max. immersion: 5000mm
  • Max. fluid temp: +40°C
  • Continuous duty
  • Available in 230v
  • Reduced dimensions: 140mm diameter x 360mm height


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Code Model Description Price
(ex. VAT)
F21975P1723B Piusi Shark (SQUALO35) Submersible AdBlue™ Pump c/w Timer Max Flow (lpm) - 35
Max pressure (bar) – 2
Ports – 1” F BSP
Suction level - 30mm
11 minute timer