Piusi Delphin Pro AdBlue™ Car Dispenser

9-11ltr Per Min (Battery/230v)

Piusi Delphin Pro AdBlue Car Dispenser



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About the product

The Piusi Delphin PRO AdBlue™ Pump Car Dispenser is specifically designed for refilling passenger cars and vans with AdBlue® cleanly and safely in a garage/service environment. It allows AdBlue® to be bought & dispensed from bulk in 200 litre drums rather than the small, costly throwaway 5 litre containers. Tried and tested by leading OEMs and car dealership networks worldwide as a quick, reliable and clean solution, the Delphin PRO AdBlue™ dispenser overcomes many problems that the market has identified using through other refilling systems.

The Delphin PRO is a closed, clean filling system meaning no unpleasant odours, no vapours, no spills and no contamination of the stored AdBlue™. Simply turn the AdBlue™ pump on at the control panel and it will dispense automatically into the vehicle until the tank is full, which means there is no need for the mechanic to supervise the process. The user is able to select from two alternative dispensing speeds depending upon whether it is a car or a van being refilled.

The Piusi Delphin PRO also benefits from a universal ISO connector compatible with any vehicle filler cap, and a patented self-cleaning spout which ensures no crystallisation. The Delphin AdBlue™ dispenser is installed on a trolley for easy manoeuvring between bays, which fits both 60litre and 200litres drums.   

Click here to view a video clearly demonstrating how the system works and the benefits over alternative refilling methods. 

Features of the Delphin Pro AdBlue™ Dispenser for Cars:

  • 230v Self-priming AdBlue™ pump
  • Battery version for mobile refuelling c/w 110v/230v charger for mains recharging
  • Closed filling system to prevent odours & mess
  • Flow rate: 3-9/11lpm (depending on speed selection & model)
  • Suction tube & Trisure drum connector
  • 2m delivery hose with ISO filling spout
  • Automatic shut off when tank is full
  • Digital control panel & flow meter
  • Sturdy trolley for 60ltr & 200ltr drums

The market leading, Italian manufacturer of fluid handling equipment - accept nothing less than original, quality, Italian made.

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
(ex. VAT)
F00100200 Delphin PRO AdBlue™ Car Dispenser AC 230v Self-Priming AdBlue™ Pump
Flow Rate(lpm) – 3-11lpm
2m delivery hose c/w spout
Suction tube & Trisure connector
On/off control panel
Digital flow meter
F00100300 Delphin PRO AdBlue™ Car Dispenser DC Self-Priming AdBlue™ Pump
Battery c/w 110v/230v charger
Flow Rate(lpm) – 3-9lpm
2m delivery hose c/w spout
Suction tube & Trisure connector
On/off control panel
Digital flow meter

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
(ex. VAT)
F00201R20 Piusibox Car Suction AdBlue™ Pump
For extracting AdBlue remains out of a vehicle tank before filling with fresh
Max Flow (lpm) – 34
230v AdBlue™ Pump
2m suction plastic tubing
2m delivery plastic tubing
Carry box