Piusi Automatic ATEX Fuel Nozzle

60-140ltrs Per Min (Auto)

Piusi Automatic 60 ATEX Fuel Nozzle



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About the product

The Piusi Automatic ATEX Fuel Nozzles have been specially designed for the safe dispensing of diesel, petrol or kerosene in flammable environments thanks to its ATEX certification. The automatic shut-off mechanism means that these petrol and diesel nozzles stop further fuel from being released out of the spout once the vehicle tank is full, therefore preventing an overflow. These automatic fuel dispensing nozzles are suitable for use with non-resale pumping systems i.e. where private refuelling takes place. The Automatic 60 ATEX nozzle is commonly used alongside the Piusi EX50 ATEX Pump, and the Automatic 140 ATEX nozzle is for filling large agricultural and plant machinery alongside the Piusi EX140 ATEX Pump.

Other petrol nozzles are available in our range should this model not meet your requirements. 

Features of the Piusi ATEX Automatic Fuel Nozzle:

  • Auto shut off fuel nozzle
  • Maximum flow rate: 60-140ltr Per Min
  • Working pressure: 3.5 bar
  • ATEX approved
  • Supplied with 1” F BSP Swivel
  • For pumping systems only
  • Suitable for diesel, petrol & kerosene

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Code Model Description Price
(ex. VAT)
613020 Piusi Automatic 60 ATEX Fuel Nozzle Max flow (lpm) – 60
Inlet - 1” F BSP swivel
Spout OD (mm) - 20
Loss of pressure - 0.6 bar @ 60lpm
Working pressure - 3.5 bar
Test pressure - 5.25 bar
Petrol, kerosene and diesel
F22675000 Piusi Automatic 140 ATEX Fuel Nozzle Max flow (lpm) – 140
Inlet - 1” F BSP swivel
Spout OD (mm) - 29
Loss of pressure - 1.5 bar @ 140lpm
Working pressure - 3.5 bar
Petrol, kerosene and diesel