Husky VIII Diesel Nozzle

250ltrs Per Min (Auto)

VIII Husky Nozzle



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Husky Nozzles

About the product

The Husky VIII Diesel Nozzle is a durable and heavy duty automatic shut off nozzle, designed for the high flow refuelling of large agricultural and plant machinery. Thanks to its incorporated Flo-stop® device, the VIII Husky fuel nozzle shuts off the flow of fuel when the spout is raised above the horizontal or fall from the fill point. This fuel nozzle benefits from a reinforced spout bushing and a sensing port located behind the spout end, ensuring that even after a lot of use, the spout doesn’t get worn causing nuisance click offs.

A further useful feature of the VIII Husky nozzle is its dual poppet, which enables the easier opening of the automatic fuel pump nozzle when high system pressure is present due to the high flow. Please note models with swivel may have a reduced flow rate. If you want to guarantee achieving 250lpm, an optional high flow swivel is available.

You can read more about the advanced design of the 1GS in detail by clicking on our Husky nozzles guide.

Features of the Husky VIII Automatic Diesel Pump Nozzle:

  • Automatic high flow fuel pump nozzle
  • Maximum flow rate: 250ltrs Per Min
  • Inlet: 1” F BSP
  • Patented Flo-stop® device
  • Durable die cast aluminium body with full scuff guard
  • Spout bushing & sensing port behind spout
  • Turbulent flow reducer for ensuring a streamline flow
  • C/w waffle guard to protect against splash back
  • Dual poppet for easy nozzle opening under pressure
  • Replacement spout kits available on request
  • Optional high flow swivel available for guaranteeing 250lpm

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
(ex. VAT)
HU-749338-04 VIII High Flow Husky Diesel Nozzle Max Flow Rate (lpm) – 250
Max Pressure (bar) – 3.5
Spout OD (mm) – 32.8
Inlet – 1” F BSP
HU-749338-04-SW VIII High Flow Husky Diesel Nozzle - Swivel Max Flow Rate (lpm) – 170
Max Pressure (bar) – 3.5
Spout OD (mm) – 32.8
Inlet – 1” BSP Swivel

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
(ex. VAT)
HU-6949 Husky High Flow Swivel
1" BSP Swivel
Swivel option for guaranteeing 250lpm flow rate