Husky Fuel Pump Nozzle Service Kit

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Husky Nozzle Service Kit



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About the product

The Husky Nozzle Service Kit is a complete kit for the removal and installation of nozzles in a clean and simple way – for use with Husky nozzles and other styles of forecourt nozzle. The service kit comes with a stainless steel pail, nozzle holder – which keeps the fuel nozzle off the floor, breakaway drain cup and a fuel filter drain cup.

The kit provides a safe way of collecting fuel when the Husky nozzle, breakaway and filter are taken apart – allowing the remaining fuel from each part to be drained safely into the provided containers. Each of the drainage containers allow any brand and style of nozzle, breakaway or filter to be used with the kit. The pail also doubles up as a container for all the components, so that the kit can be easily transported.

Features of the Husky Fuel Nozzle Service Kit:

  • Nozzle holder for keeping nozzle off the ground
  • Safe-T-Break® drain cup for all types of breakaway coupling
  • Fuel filter drain cup for all types of dispenser filter
  • Provides safe collection of fuel when replacing nozzles, breakaways & filters
  • All components fit inside service pail for easy transportation
  • Suitable for use with all brands of nozzle
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HU-7262 Husky Nozzle Service Kit Breakaway Drain Cup
Filter Drain Cup
Nozzle Holder