Husky 1690 Diesel Nozzle

375ltrs Per Min (Auto)

1690 Husky Nozzle



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Husky Nozzles

About the product

The Husky 1690 Diesel Nozzle is an extremely heavy duty, automatic nozzle for high flow, bulk fuel transfer for applications including rail, tanker or filling fuel storage tanks. Specially designed for heavy duty applications, this Husky fuel nozzle benefits from a right angle design allowing the nozzle to fit close to walls and corners and has a large hand opening to accommodate for gloves. An added advantage is that it is 30%l lighter than other models on the market.

A further feature of the 1690 fuel nozzle is its dual poppet, which allows for the easy opening of the trigger nozzle even when high system pressure is present due to higher flow. Please note models with swivel may have a slightly reduced flow rate.

For detailed information on the high specification features of the 1690 auto shut off nozzle, read our guide to the Husky nozzles.

Features of the Husky 1690 Automatic Diesel Pump Nozzle:

  • Automatic high flow fuel pump nozzle
  • Maximum flow rate: 375ltrs Per Min
  • Inlet: 1 ½” F BSP
  • Durable die cast aluminium nozzle body
  • Check valve is in the nozzle body to allow for fast serviceability
  • Dual poppet for easy nozzle opening under pressure
  • 30% lighter than similar models for easy handling
  • Replacement spout kits available on request

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
(ex. VAT)
HU-169038 1690 Tanker Husky Diesel Nozzle Max Flow Rate (lpm) – 375
Max Pressure (bar) – 3.5
Spout OD (mm) – 35
Inlet – 1 ½” F BSP
HU-169038-SW 1690 Tanker Husky Diesel Nozzle - Swivel Max Flow Rate (lpm) – 375
Max Pressure (bar) – 3.5
Spout OD (mm) – 35
Inlet – 1 ½” BSP Swivel