Gem Oil Tank Sight Level Gauge

For bottom outlet tanks

Gem Oil Tank Gauge

Gem Oil Tank Gauge

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About the product

The Gem Oil Tank Sight Gauge is a traditional, cost effective type of heating oil tank gauge generally used in domestic properties. It is a simple pull to read oil tank level indicator that gives an instant measurement of the tank’s contents, that benefits from an integrated paper filter with alloy bowl for easy removing and cleaning. This oil tank level gauge has an incorporated isolation valve to that it can be serviced or replaced without having the drain the entire tank of fuel.

Designed to fit the bottom outlet of both steel and plastic tanks, and complete with a multi-directional outlet so that it can feed up to two boilers, the Gem fuel tank gauge is suitable for a range of applications.

Features of the Gem Oil Tank Sight Gauge:

  • Bottom outlet oil tank gauge
  • Corrosion resistant zinc plated brass body
  • Removable alloy bowl paper filter
  • Isolation valve for easy servicing
  • ½” M BSP inlet
  • Available in 4ft 6”
  • C/w gauge level marking kit & calibration labels
Code Model Description Price
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GEM1004 Gem Oil Tank Sight Gauge 4ft 6" x 1⁄2" Replaces Code: GEM1000A
Tank Height (ft/mm): 4'6/1371
Inlet: 1/2" M BSP
Primary Outlet: 3/8" F BSP x 10mm Comp
Secondary Outlet: 3/8" F BSP
Tube Support: Aluminium
Tubing: Aluminium
Filter: 40micron - paper