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About the product

Flanged pipe fittings are versatile accessories for securing connections between pumping system parts such as pumps, flow meters and filters. These pipe flanges come with an ‘O ring’ or ‘oval ring’, depending upon whether the flange is being used to connect to a flat faced item, or to another grooved flange. Either way, the connections provide a tight seal without requiring thread sealants.

  • C/w ‘o ring’ or ‘oval ring’ (depending on model)
  • 8 screw locations to fit M8 hex head item
Code Model Description Price
(ex. VAT)
R12904000 Flange Kit c/w Oval Ring 1 x Flange
1 x Oval Ring
2 x Round Bolt (M8x20)
2 x Hex Nut (M8)
R09180000 Flange Kit c/w 'O' Ring 2 x Flange
2 x O Ring
4 x Round Bolt (M8x20)
2x Hex Nut (M8)
R1106200A Flange Kit 1 x Flange
1 x O Ring
2 x Round Bolt (M8x20)
R12906 Flange Kit c/w Nuts Flange
2x Hex Nut (M8)
F09779 Flange Kit to Connect Flow Meter Flange
2 x O Ring
2 x Hex Nut (M8)
2 x Set Screw (M8x50)
F08832000 Flange Only Flange £9.25
R08985000 Oval Ring Single £1.40
R08417000 O-Ring x 2 Pack of 2 £3.25