EnviroSpill IBC Spill Pallet

For 1 or 2 IBCs

EnviroSpill IBC Spill Pallet



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About the product

The EnviroSpill IBC Spill Pallets are designed as a bunded spill containment option for holding either one or two IBCs. This spill control product has a sump capacity that exceeds UK, European and US legislation for containing spills, preventing potential damage to the environment and slip hazards in the event of a leak or rupture.

This IBC spill bund benefits from forklift lifting points for easy manoeuvring around the site should this be required. It also has a detachable top platform for quick emptying and cleaning, with the addition of a hole for the insertion of a liquid extraction pump probe or tubing.

The EnviroSpill IBC bund is constructed of fully recyclable, chemically resistant polyethylene, and is available in versions for holding one or two IBCs.

Features of the EnvirSpill IBC Spill Control Bund:

  • Forklift points for manoeuvring
  • Detachable top platform for easy cleaning
  • Hole for liquid extraction pump for quick emptying
  • Chemical resistant polyethylene construction
  • 1 & 2 IBC pallets available
  • Sump capacity of 1260 or 1130litres (depending on model)

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
(ex. VAT)
SPL-PLTIBC-1 EnviroSpill Single IBC Bund IBC Number – 1
Sump Capacity (l) – 1260
Dimensions (mm) – 1680 x 1680 x 700
SPL-PLTIBC-2 EnviroSpill Double IBC Bund IBC Number – 2
Sump Capacity (l) – 1130
Dimensions (mm) – 2450 x 1450 x 575

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