Elafix 40 Magnetic Adaptor

19mm ID

Elafix 40 Magnetic Vehicle Tank Adaptor



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About the product

The ZVA Elafix 40 Magnetic Vehicle Tank Adaptor is for the prevention of miss-filling AdBlue™/DEF into a diesel tank. This universal ISO certified magnetic filler neck collar fits into any vehicles’ AdBlue™ fill point, so that when used in conjunction with a magnetic spout nozzle such as the Piusi SB325 or ZVA AdBlue™ Nozzle, it will prevent your AdBlue™ nozzle from being able to dispense into anything other than the AdBlue™ tank. In addition, the 19mm ID of the magnetic adaptor prevents larger spout diesel nozzles from fitting into the fill point to prevent miss-filling the other way round as well.

The miss-filling of AdBlue™ is a common, reoccurring issue and will be costly for the vehicle owner to put right. AdBlue™ is not compatible with many materials, and miss-filling can corrode the pipework and components of a fuel system – resulting in thousands of pounds of damage, as well as having to pay for the removal of AdBlue™ from the tank.

Newly manufactured vehicles which use AdBlue™ should have automatically had a AdBlue™ tank magnet incorporated into the fill point at the manufacturing stage. To check whether you already have a magnetic fill point adaptor in your vehicle, hold something magnetic next to the AdBlue™ fill point and if you feel a magnetic pull, your vehicle already has one fitted. If there isn’t a magnetic pull, you will need to fit one of these Elafix magnetic AdBlue tank™ adaptors to reap the benefits of a magnetic™ miss-filling spout AdBlue nozzle. 

Features of the Elafix 40 AdBlue™ Tank Magnet:

  • 19mm OD
  • Compatible to ISO22241-3
  • Universal
  • Working Temp: -20°C to +85°C
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F15165000 Elafix 40 AdBlue™ Magnetic Tank Adaptor 19mm OD
Compatible to ISO22241-3
Working Temp: -20°C to +85°C
Weight: 65g
For use with magnetic spout AdBlue nozzles