CTS Economy Fuel Tank Bund Alarm

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CTS Economy AdBlue® Tank Bund Alarm



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About the product

The CTS Economy Tank Bund Alarm is an entry level, battery powered bunded fuel tank alarm system designed to alert of the presence of fluid between the inner tank and its outer bund. Essentially, its purpose is to detect and warn that either the inner tank has ruptured and is leaking, or that there is excess rain water within the tank's bund. This is a simple and cost effective solution if only a bund alert is required, and the customer is not concerned with being warned of a tank level scenario. Upon activation, a red LED will flash and a 90db alarm will sound to warn the user that the tank's bund needs to be cleared and checked whether there is a leak.

This fuel tank alarm, which comes in a weatherproof enclosure, features a test button that will activate the sounder to check the battery and a mute button to silence the sounder. Thanks to its simple operaton, the battery will last in excess of 72 hours in full alarm mode, and approximately 2 years when in standby, making it ideal for sites that aren't always manned.

Features of the CTS Tank Bund Level Alarm:

  • Bund alarm in weatherproof IP55 enclosure
  • 1 x PP3 battery powered
  • Single probe c/w 5m cable & 1 ½” brass cap
  • Red flashing LED & 90dB sounder
  • Test & alarm mute functions
  • 4 x mounting lugs for ease of installation
  • For diesel, fuels and light oils

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
(ex. VAT)
SWS1019 Economy Fuel Tank Bund Alarm 1 x PP3 Battery
Probe c/w 5m cable & 1 ½” brass cap
90db sounder
For diesel, fuels, light oils

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
(ex. VAT)
SWS1036 Plastic Tank Kit - For Single Probe
Kit for using a probe on a plastic rather than steel tank
Steel, flat, round plate
1 x Grommet
SWS1009 Extra Alarm Cable Per Metre
Per Metre