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Purafiner are a fuel conditioner manufacturing company based in New Zealand. Contamination of distillate fuels, lubricating and hydraulic oils is now a common hazard and has caused extensive damage to marine, industrial and land transport machinery. Purafiner combat microbial contamination in fuel and are well known for producing high quality products. 

By using Purafiner, it replaces the old and outdated practice of treatment with the chemical biocide. These installations, which have been endorsed worldwide, increase fuel filter life by the order of 10 or more, eliminate blockage, reduces damage to fuel tank coatings and offer many other benefits.

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Purafiner Magnetic Fuel Conditioner - ETA Series


£305.25 ex. VAT

Purafiner Magnetic Fuel Conditioner - ETS Series


£417.55 ex. VAT

Purafiner Magnetic Fuel Conditioner - FXT Series


£65.75 ex. VAT