Overfill Prevention Valves

Overfill prevention devices for fuel and AdBlue™ tanks

An overfill prevention valve is a useful device commonly installed onto a fuel or AdBlue™ storage tank at the tank manufacturing stage. When the storage tank being filled becomes full, the valve closes and prevents any further fluid from being dispensed and a consequently stops a spillage from occurring. Tank overfill prevent devices are therefore used for both environmental reasons and to save the cost and inconvenience of spilt fuel. Available are overfill prevention valves from French manufacturer Lafon, and the SpillStop economy version from Sensor Systems.

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Solo Limiter Overfill Prevention Valve
Diesel Oil Petrol

£841.85 ex. VAT

SpillStop 2” Overfill Prevention Valve
Diesel Oil

£79.06 ex. VAT

Cleanfill 2
AdBlue Diesel Oil Water

£279.45 ex. VAT