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Garage and workshops often require oil and grease hose reels with a long length of hose that they can pull out to dispense the fluid at multiple bays around the workshop. Our range of grease and oil hose reels has recently expanded to include more models from Piusi, and includes open and enclosed reels in a variety of different lengths and with or without hose. We also offer high capacity oil hose reels for applications where a longer length of hose is required. These are usually designed to be floor mounted rather than wall due to their weight and strength.

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Piusi Automatic Open Hose Reel


Piusi Open Automatic Oil Hose Reel
1/2" or 3/8" (Max 20m)

£307.10 ex. VAT

Piusi Closed Automatic Oil Hose Reel


£461.25 ex. VAT

Piusi Grease Hose Reel


Piusi Open Automatic Grease Hose Reel
1/4" or 3/8" (Max 15m)

£326.70 ex. VAT

High Capacity Fuel Hose Reel


High Capacity Bare Fuel Hose Reel
3/4” or 1” (Max 40m/30m)

£957.05 ex. VAT

Stainless Steel High Capacity Fuel Hose Reel


Stainless High Capacity Bare Fuel Hose Reel
3/4” or 1” hose (Max 30m)

£1,382.45 ex. VAT