Loctite Sealants

Thread sealants & activators

Loctite is Henkel's brand of high performance industrial thread and pipe sealants for joining and sealing pipework, valves and fittings. Often specified on OEM technical drawings, Loctite sealants and adhesives are a popular choice for many engineers and manufacturers. There are a range of Loctite thread sealants available depending upon the installation it is being used within and the likeliness that the pipework will need to be dismantled. Also available within the range is the Loctite sealant activator that speeds up the curing process of the Loctite sealants.

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Loctite 577 Pipe Sealant
Medium strength (can be dismantled)

£32.99 ex. VAT

Loctite 638 Pipe Sealant
High strength (not for dismantling)

£54.62 ex. VAT

Loctite 7649 Pipe Sealant Activator
For Loctite 577 & 638

£12.64 ex. VAT