Fuel Tank Alarms

Fuel tank level alarms, bund and tank overfill alarms

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Fuel tank alarms provide the tank owner with greater knowledge about the status of their tank contents by warning them of a high/low fluid level, overfill and/or bund leak. A fuel tank alarm system is now one of the standard pieces of equipment on many fuel storage tanks, required for both user convenience and environmental purposes. Different options are available depending upon the user’s requirements including a mains or battery powered tank level alarm, a tank overfill alarm or a tank bund alarm that solely detects leaking fluid into the tank's bund. Users can also pick the necessary, adjustable probes so that their fuel tank alarm system is configured to alert them of the levels that they require. 

The CTS fuel tank level alarms are the leading choice of alarm for tank manufacturers. Designed with inhouse expertise and supplied direct from our Midlands based warehouse, Centre Tank Services Ltd are the first point of call for any information regarding these units. 

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Double Fuel Tank Alarm Probe


Double Fuel Tank Alarm Probe
For high and low level

£93.30 ex. VAT

Water & Chemical Tank Level Alarm Probe


£49.60 ex. VAT