Fuel Flow Meters

Fuel counter from Piusi, Fillrite & GPI

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Our fuel flow meter, or fuel counter meter, range is comprised of reliable and accurate metering solutions for non-resale dispensing systems. These fuel flow meters are available in both mechanical and digital display versions, and as pulse meters without a display. The options available span from high flow capacity diesel flow meters used to measure the dispensing of bulk fuel, to heating oil meters able to accurately count even the smallest amount of used kerosene in a domestic heating oil application. A benefit of the Piusi fuel flow meter is that many in the range have rotatable faces, allowing the flexible fitting of them into almost all installations. For advice on picking a fuel flow meter, please call our sales team or alternatively read our fuel flow meter guide.

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Piusi K200 Diesel Pulse Meter


Piusi K200 Fuel Pulse Meter
Multi-fluid (0.1-1.6 or 0.1-2.5ltr Per Min)

£160.98 ex. VAT

Piusi Remote Pulse Display


Piusi Remote Pulse Display
Digital (For use with Piusi pulse meters)

£198.18 ex. VAT