Fuel Dispensing Pump Kits

Complete diesel refuelling pump kits for onsite filling

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We supply a range of fuel dispensers for the filling of vehicles and machinery including lorries, coaches, tractors and construction plant with diesel on site. As the UK agent of Piusi fuel pumps, our range of diesel delivery pumps are Italian manufactured to the highest quality for long working life. Our offering includes portable refuelling pump kits for taking out filling out in the field, as well as diesel dispensers designed for installation onto a static tank in the yard or depot. Depending upon the size of the vehicle you are refilling, we have diesel refuelling pumps in a range of flow rates. For help choosing which fuel delivery pump you need, call our sales team on +44 (0) 121 351 4445.

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Piusi Hand Fuel Pump - With Hose


£126.90 ex. VAT