Diesel Transfer Pumps

Manual, mains and battery powered diesel fuel transfer pumps

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Our extensive range of diesel transfer pumps provides solutions for almost all diesel dispensing applications. Whether you require an individual diesel refuelling pump or a diesel dispenser kit complete with hose, nozzle and flow meter; a mains powered diesel transfer pump or a low voltage refuelling pump, our range covers your requirements. We also have access to larger, industrial diesel transfer pumps should you have a more specialised application. As a supplier of Piusi diesel fuel transfer pumps, our range is renown for its quality and includes the popular Panther pump and BP3000 battery powered diesel transfer pump kit. For guidance on how to pick the right diesel fuel transfer pump for your application and the factors you need to consider, read our diesel transfer pump guide

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Plastic Lever Operated Chemical Hand Pump
400ml Per Stroke (approx.)

£130.09 ex. VAT

Plastic Lever Drum Diesel Transfer Pump


Plastic Piston Hand Fuel Transfer Pump
330ml Per Stroke (approx.)

£47.68 ex. VAT

Food Grade Lever Hand Pump

Food Grade Lever Hand Pump
330ml Per Stroke (approx.)

£78.34 ex. VAT