Automatic Fuel Nozzles

Automatic shut off fuel nozzles for diesel

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Automatic fuel nozzles are a more convenient, cleaner alternative to the cheaper manual nozzle options. They automatically shut off when the vehicle/machinery tank being filled is full, preventing too much fuel from being dispensed and an overflow situation from occurring. We offer a range of auto shut off fuel nozzles for different refuelling applications. For example, our automatic diesel nozzles come in a variety of flow rates depending upon the size of the tank being refilled and therefore the speed required to fill it, and others such as the ZVA nozzles are suitable for resale fuel dispensing as seen on a forecourt. Whilst we only represent reputable brands, the automatic shut off diesel nozzles we offer also differ in terms of construction, with Husky and ZVA being designed specifically for continuous, heavy duty use.

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ZVA Fuel Pump Nozzle


£857.50 ex. VAT

Piusi A280 High Speed Fuel Nozzle


£452.90 ex. VAT

Husky Osprey Aviation Fuel Nozzle


Husky Osprey Aviation Fuel Nozzle
190ltrs Per Min (Auto)

£541.90 ex. VAT