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The UK Agent of Piusi AdBlue™ transfer pumps & dispensing kits

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With further additions to the Euro standards regarding harmful vehicle emissions, the market for AdBlue™ (or DEF as it is also referred to) and its dispensing equipment is continuing to grow throughout the UK. Just like the diesel market, the available AdBlue™ pump solutions are vast from individual pumps to complete AdBlue™ transfer pump kits, with both electric and manual AdBlue™ pump options. With AdBlue™ being stored and dispensed from a range of containers, our range covers AdBlue™ IBC pumps, AdBlue™ drum pumps and solutions for bulk tank delivery. As official Piusi agent, we have a large stock holding of the Suzzara Blue range of Piusi AdBlue™ pumps; the leading brand in DEF dispensing renowned for its quality and reliability.

Centre Tank Services are leading UK Piusi AdBlue™ pump suppliers, who have been supplying AdBlue™ equipment since it first entered the market in 2005. For advice on which AdBlue™ transfer pump is most suitable for your application, read our AdBlue pump guide or call our technical sales team on 0121 351 4445. Using information such as how you store your AdBlue™, the volume of AdBlue™ you use and the vehicles you're refilling, they will be able to specify an AdBlue™ delivery pump to meet your requirements. 

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Piusi AdBlue Air Operated Diaphragm Pump


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