24v & 12v AdBlue™ Pumps

Portable 12 volt AdBlue™ pumps for mobile refilling

Designed for environments where mains power is unavailable or dispensing needs to be carried out in different places, our 24v and 12v AdBlue™ pump range all come with cable and clips for connection to the battery of the vehicle being refilled. Hence, why these models can also be referred to as battery operated AdBlue™ pumps. Portable 12v AdBlue™ pumps are therefore commonly used in off road applications such as construction sites and the agricultural market.

Centre Tank Services are leading UK AdBlue™ pump suppliers, who have been supplying AdBlue™ equipment since it was first introduced in 2005. For advice on which 12v AdBlue™ pump is most suitable for your application, read our product guide or call our technical sales team on 0121 351 4445. Using information such as how you store your AdBlue™, the amount of AdBlue™ you use and the vehicles you're refilling, our team will be able to specify your ideal solution.

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Suzzara Blue DC AdBlue Pump


£288.05 ex. VAT

Electric IBC DC AdBlue Pump Basic


£550.76 ex. VAT

Suzzara Blue Portable AdBlue Transfer Pump


£395.86 ex. VAT

Piusibox AdBlue™ Pump


£990.21 ex. VAT

DC Drum AdBlue Pump


Piusi 24v & 12v AdBlue™ Pump for Drum
35ltr Per Min (12v / 24v)

£453.23 ex. VAT

Piusi Delphin Pro AdBlue Car Dispenser


Piusi Delphin Pro AdBlue™ Car Dispenser
9-11ltr Per Min (Battery/230v)

£2,517.62 ex. VAT