WERA Ball Hex Allen Key


WERA Ball Hex Allen Key

About the product

The WERA Ball Hex Allen Key is a double ended high strength allen key designed for hexagon socket screws. The short arm is a standard allen key and the long arm is a ball point hexagon for awkward angles. The designed prevents wear inside the socket screw by providing a larger contact area.

Features of the WERA Ball Hexagon Allen Key:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
CTS2090 Ball Hex Allen Key 4mm Size – 4mm
Long Arm – 140mm
Short Arm – 25mm
Type - Hex
£6.80 ex. VAT
CTS2091 Ball Hex Allen Key 5mm Size – 5mm
Long Arm – 160mm
Short Arm – 28mm
Type - Hex
£7.10 ex. VAT
CTS2092 Ball Hex Allen Key 6mm Size – 6mm
Long Arm – 180mm
Short Arm – 32mm
Type - Hex
£8.75 ex. VAT