Piusi Suzzara Blue Wall Box Electric AdBlue™ Pump

32ltr Per Min (230v)

About the product

The Suzzara Blue Wall Box is a complete Piusi AdBlue™ pump kit designed for the secure storage and delivery of AdBlue™ (DEF). The self-priming membrane Piusi pump comes complete with a digital flow meter, delivery hose and automatic nozzle for shutting off when the vehicle tank is full. The electric AdBlue™ pump is fitted alongside the other components within a compact steel locking box for added security and protection against tampering. The nozzle is positioned in its own holder and is secured within the box when the door is closed, so that unauthorised users without a key cannot gain access.

These Piusi AdBlue™ transfer pumps are designed for dispensing from either an IBC or an AdBue™ storage tank, and can flexibly be installed either on a wall, into the tank or onto the IBC via a custom suction hose (not included as standard). 

Features of the Suzzara Blue Wall Box AdBlue™ Transfer Pump Kit:

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Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
F0020196A Piusi Suzzara Blue Electric AdBlue™ Pump Box Membrane AdBlue transfer pump
Max Flow (lpm) – 32
Flow Meter – K24
Nozzle Type – Automatic
Dispensing Hose – 4m
£1165.65 ex. VAT