CTS Ultra Compact Oil Tank Filter Kit

CTS Ultra Compact Oil Tank Filter Kit CTS Ultra Compact valve only

About the product

The CTS Ultra Compact Oil Tank Filter Kit is designed for bottom outlet domestic heating oil tanks to remove debris with instant isolation and no pollution risk. The kit is comprised of the Ultra Compact isolation valve, 40µ cleanable alloy bowl filter and all of the fittings required for installation. 

On other oil tank filter assemblies, an isolation valve is not the first component screwed into the tank which means that if the filter valve needs replacing then the tank needs to be drained. By having the Ultra Compact valve installed first, this filter assembly kit saves the engineer the couple of hours it would previously have taken to pump the tank out, replace the filter valve and then pump the heating oil back in. 

The Ultra Compact oil tank isolator valve is also available alone to replace the 1" BSPT x 1/2" BSPP adaptor supplied with generic filter assemblies e.g. the ARMKIT. Both the filter kit and the valve alone can be retrofitted during service or at the time of the original tank installation. 

Features of the CTS Ultra Compact Oil Tank Filter Assembly:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
ARM400 Ultra Compact Tank Isolation Filter Assembly 40ยต alloy bowl filter c/w isolation valve
1" M BSP inlet
3/8" F BSP or 10mm compression outlet
Max 2 bar pressure
£29.70 ex. VAT
ARM001 Ultra Compact Tank Isolation Valve Isolation valve
1" M BSP inlet
1/2" M BSP (60 degree) cone
£15.55 ex. VAT